We are a small family owned business offering a quarry direct approach to landscaping supplies, specialising in bulk deliveries in excess of five tonnes/cubic metres.  Please browse the web site. If you have any queries, either ring or fill in the contact us form.

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 6:30AM - 5:00PM

Some of the Products available: 

Top Soils: 

· 5mm Screened Natural Alluvial Soil
· Organic Sandy Top Dressing – exceeds AS4419 
· Organic General Purpose/Under-Turf Trade Blend Soil – exceeds AS4419 
· Organic Premium Garden Soil – exceeds AS 4419 
· Organic Trade Garden Blend Soil – exceeds AS4419 
· Organic Premium OverTurf – exceeds AS4419 

Mulches all 10M3 minimum:

· Cypress Original blend 
· Cypress Wood Chip Mulch 
· Cypress Outback Mountain blend (great for slopes) 
· 1" Hoop Pine 
· Hoop Pine Fines 
· 15, 25 & 50mm Slash Pine 
· Certified Soft Fall Playground Mulch
· Tea Tree 

Road Base: 

· Recycled Concrete CBR15 
· Blue Metal CBR15 
· Blue Metal CBR15+ MR2.5 
· Recycled Concrete CBR45 
· Blue Metal CBR45+ MR2.3/2.4 
· Blue Metal CBR80+ MR2.1/2.2 

Natural River Gravel and Rock

· Crushed Drainage Aggregate 7mm 
· Crushed Drainage Aggregate 10mm 
· Crushed Drainage Aggregate 20mm 
· Crushed Drainage Aggregate 40mm 
· Natural Washed gravel 7mm 
· Natural Washed gravel 10mm 
· Natural Washed gravel 20/40mm 
· Natural Washed gravel 45/150mm 

Blue Metal Gravel/Rock:

· Crusher Dust 
· 7mm Bluestone gravel 
· 14mm Bluestone gravel 
· 20mm Bluestone gravel 
· 100 minus (Bluestone 100mm down to fines) 
· 75-150mm Bluestone Gabion Wall rock 
· Road base CBR15 
· Road base 2.1/2.2 Mains Road Dept Specification 
· Road base 2.3/2.4 Mains Road Dept Specification 
· Road base 2.5 Mains Road Dept Specification 


· Bioretention Sand (with or without organics) 
· Brickies Loam 
· Bedding Sand 
· Medium washed river sand (ideal horse arena) 
· Certified Soft Fall Playground Sand 
· PGA Assoc approved Golf coarse sand 

Sandstone Gravel & Decorative Pebble:

· 10, 20, 20-50, 50-70, 50-150mm Crushed White, yellow/brown to peachy blend 
· 20mm Crushed Cream - Crushed Quartz/Limestone, 
· 7-14, 20-40mm Tumbled Cream - Tumbled Quartz/Limestone Pebble 
· 20-40mm Tumbled Sandstone Pebble blend 
· 20-40mm Tumbled Blue Grey and Grey Basalt 
· 20-40mm Tumbled Charcoal Black Basalt 
· 20mm Dirranbandi Red Outback river pebble 
· 20-40mm Fruit Salad multi coloured Tumbled Sandstone 

Concrete Blends:

· River Gravel 10mm - great for exposed aggregate 
· River Gravel 20mm - great for exposed aggregate

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